[ haf pahynt, hahf for 1; haf pahynt, hahf for 2, 3 ]SEE DEFINITION OF half-pints

Antonyms for half-pints

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


The haze of half-pints was dispelled, and some teeth went with it.

The rest was tram-car, Bow Music Hall, half-pints, and darkness.

And all our men were exceedingly brave; and counted their rounds of the house in half-pints.

Over a couple of half-pints taken as a sedative, he realized the growing seriousness of his position.

But through hours on hours of fried fish and half-pints both were conscious of a deficiency.

Now Sam was ever readier for a fight than Billy was; but the sum of Billy's half-pints was large: wherefore the fight began.

Dissolve one ounce of Russian isinglass in three half-pints of warm water.

One of these goats belonged to me, and, on an average throughout the year, she gave me more than three half-pints of milk a day.

Yet, just as that unfortunate organ begins its work we pour into it half-pints of iced water.

Boil three half-pints of milk in a saucepan (previously wet with cold water, which prevents burning) and whisk it into the soup.