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Why, even the gyro compass has to be adjusted for latitude error.

Without a gyro to keep the drive upright, I took a loop and started heading for the ground.

Engines of Gilgamesh will not be used except for the heat-disposal and gyro auxiliaries.

There should be approximately one minute before the major color changes began, which was also the minimum time for gyro run up.

Others were large lumps from the computer-banks, gyro platform, fuel pumps, and other more massive components.

He didn't want to answer, and he stayed on the roof securing the gyro and plugging in its battery-charger.

I'll bet when its body tilted over, the 112 brain wasn't sure whether the gyro would keep it from being wrecked.

The officer of the watch turned aside for a moment from the gyro across which he had been sighting.

No gyro is perfect, and if you can get it bouncing back and forth in extreme turns, it will be thrown out of balance.

He started the gyro motors, got the great wheels to spinning, and thus stopped the slow, end-over-end turning of the flier.