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In a painstakingly precise experiment, muons’ gyrations within a magnetic field seem to defy predictions of the standard model of particle physics, which describes known fundamental particles and forces.MUON MAGNETISM COULD HINT AT A BREAKDOWN OF PHYSICS’ STANDARD MODELEMILY CONOVERAPRIL 7, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
Space businesses, no matter how large, often find themselves hunting for opportunity amidst the gyrations of national space powers.A STARTUP IS TRADING TICKETS TO RIDE ON RUSSIAN ROCKETS AND US SPACECRAFTTIM FERNHOLZMARCH 11, 2021QUARTZ
Now that the air impelled returns unto its place in a gyration or whirling, is evident from the Atoms or Motes in the Sun.THE WORKS OF SIR THOMAS BROWNE (VOLUME 1 OF 3)THOMAS BROWNE
Then it gives a wild yelp, as in one gyration it shoots upwards, and screams round the crag.POACHERS AND POACHINGJOHN WATSON
But then, making a discursive gyration round a point is not leaving it—and there you're wrong.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOL. 66 NO.406, AUGUST 1849VARIOUS
At B is seen a conical roller, having the middle of the bottom of the tub for its summit and centre of gyration.A NEW CENTURY OF INVENTIONSJAMES WHITE
I mean a sense of gigantic gyration, as of the whole earth turning about one's head.TREMENDOUS TRIFLESG. K. CHESTERTON
He had been caught in a vortex and was being whirled on with a velocity of advance and gyration which made him giddy and sick.THE SCRAP BOOK. VOLUME 1, NO. 2VARIOUS
The fingers themselves, provided they are very clean, have no power to stop the gyration.SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, NO. 401, SEPTEMBER 8, 1883VARIOUS
If agreeable, I will now show you gyration 2d, or position No. 3.THE MONIKINSJ. FENIMORE COOPER


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