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On this page you'll find 31 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to gangling, such as: awkward, bony, gawky, lanky, leggy, and long-legged.

How to use gangling in a sentence

  • Look a that gangling country jay, he muttered in Osgoods ear.

  • The second of the three was a gangling kid who probably never gave me a second look, let alone a third.

    The Door Through Space | Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Yet there were times, now he was come to a gangling fourteen, when Luke's philosophy threatened to fail him.

  • His wide mouth opened with a grin of pleasure; he came forward with gangling strides.

    A Dream of Empire | William Henry Venable
  • A gangling youth in the latter's employ was on the buggy seat and he recognized the Foam Flake first and his driver next.

    Fair Harbor | Joseph Crosby Lincoln

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