I felt sure that a plot had been formed against me, and that he was its framer and instigator.

And there was more satisfaction in this conclusion than even its framer was aware of.

For five long years I was a slave to the framer of the 'hanging' clause of the agreement.

Consequently it's better to be a pictur' framer than a pictur' painter.

Sounds which will reach the Framer of all things, And die away in ardent mutterings.

She somehow felt that Martha's question concealed more interest than its framer wished to betray.

But Theophilus is of no service to the framer of philosophical or physiological theories of the second sight.

If the number of links were truly infinite, so much the more infinite the skill of its framer.

Indeed in one creation tablet we find Merodach displaced by Asshur as framer of the earth!

This framer of the Constitution desired then, and intended definitely and permanently, to keep Louisiana out!


Old English framian "to profit, be helpful, avail, benefit," from fram "active, vigorous, bold," originally "going forward," from fram "forward; from" (see from).

Influenced by related Old English fremman "help forward, promote, further, do, perform, accomplish," and by Old Norse fremja "to further, execute." Sense focused in Middle English from "make ready" (mid-13c.) to "prepare timber for building" (late 14c.). Meaning "compose, devise" is first attested 1540s.

The criminal slang sense of "blame an innocent person" (1920s) is probably from earlier sense of "plot in secret" (1900), perhaps ultimately from meaning "fabricate a story with evil intent," first attested 1510s. Related: Framed; framing.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.