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When surrounded by the threat of Hield’s spacing and Haliburton’s playmaking, Fox is better suited to present a threat from both the perimeter and paint.
CBS’s “The Equalizer,” ABC’s “Big Sky” and Fox’s “9-1-1” franchise have proven an ability to attract a large audience and, importantly, to hold their attentions week after week.
Like the rise of Fox News itself, Limbaugh, who came before Fox, gave a media voice to Republicans and conservatives.
Streaming services cannot produce NFL gamesWhen Amazon, Twitter and Yahoo have streamed NFL games, all they did was simulcast the TV broadcasts produced by CBS, NBC and Fox.
Bob’s Burgers is—with apologies to Futurama but not to Family Guy—Fox’s best animated comedy since The Simpsons.
That’s because back then, Fox had the exclusive rights to the X-Men and Marvel Studios had the rights to the Avengers.
In response, Fox aired a short segment on several shows that aimed to address misinformation about Smartmatic.
In 2020, Fox hosts and guests used some combination of the words “silence,” “cancel” and “censor” more than 4,800 times.
Particularly when facing surging competition from the right that is entirely predicated on fighting over culture, it would be hard for Fox to avoid joining in.
It’s easier for Fox to beat Newsmax and everybody else back into the woods than it is for them to try to compete with the real journalism networks.


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