Antonyms for fleering

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


You fleering harlot, I'll have a horse to leap thee, and thy base issue shall carry Sumpters.

Well, I set no count on his fleering at fowks that hadn't been brought up in his dale, for I was wanting to know what he meant.

A couple of black bottles stood between them, and Sal Kavannah looked up at her daughter with a fleering laugh.

Never a guid word did I hear on his lips, nor naebody else, but just fleering and flyting and profane cursing—deil hae him!

So what with his jeering and fleering and sneering,He plagued her from dawn until dark.

"Then understand yourself for an impudent, fleering coxcomb," she flung at him, and turned to leave him.

Recall it no more, save to think with scorn of the fleering coxcomb who was so lost to the respect that is due to so sweet a lady.

Was it Caucasian fleering at Ethiopian—white blood mocking black?

For being born an impudent, fleering coxcomb—twas that you called me, I think.

Then with a malignant laugh, the fleering laugh of a fiend, he stepped into the room.