Antonyms for felting

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The chief characteristic of wool is its felting or shrinking power.

Glueing and felting play an important part in the work of the weavers.

The fulling of flannels and broadcloths is effected by the felting principle.

Ammonia has not so strong a felting action as the other alkalies.

It is no wonder that such "dead wool" will be badly adapted for felting.

We will now see what the effect of water is in the felting operation.

An insect excellently equipped for gathering and felting cotton is ill-equipped for cutting leaves, kneading mud or mixing resin.

The wool fiber is distinguished by its scale-like surface which gives it its felting and spinning properties.

This property, known as "felting," gives to wool a great part of its value, and is its chief distinction from hair.

Thus the principles involved in felting are also applied in the manipulation of long fibre fabrics.