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There's definitely been a shift in favor of things like Medicare-for-all and a Green New Deal among Democrats in this state.THE TRAILER: THE FIRST STATE GOES LASTDAVID WEIGELSEPTEMBER 15, 2020WASHINGTON POST
The stimulus package received 52 votes in favor, all from Republicans.THE FEDERAL $300 UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT IS SET TO EXPIRE. WILL THERE BE A REPLACEMENT?LANCE LAMBERTSEPTEMBER 14, 2020FORTUNE
SoftBank’s sale of Arm unwinds another strategic investment in favor of boosting liquidity and enabling founder Masayoshi Son to focus on the more tactical investing he has said he wants to pursue.NVIDIA IS BUYING SOFTBANK’S ARM CHIP DIVISION IN BIGGEST SEMICONDUCTOR DEAL EVERCLAIRE ZILLMAN, REPORTERSEPTEMBER 14, 2020FORTUNE
The committee was not in favor of altering the voting process after votes had already been counted — even if it could result in a more diverse pool of winners.THE MESS THAT IS THE 2020 JAMES BEARD AWARDS, EXPLAINEDELAZAR SONTAGSEPTEMBER 11, 2020EATER
The stimulus package received 52 votes in favor, all from Republicans, and 47 opposed votes from Democratic Senators and Kentucky Republican Rand Paul.GOP $500 BILLION AID PACKAGE BLOCKED BY SENATE DEMOCRATS—HERE’S WHAT IT MEANS FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS AND STIMULUS CHECKSLANCE LAMBERTSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
Microsoft stopped making its own line of phones four years ago, as consumers rejected its mobile platform in favor of those from Apple and Google.REVIEW OF THE MICROSOFT SURFACE DUO FOLDING PHONE: VERY PRETTY BUT JUST HOW USEFUL IS IT?AARON PRESSMANSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
The “ten blue links” have diminished in favor of a mix between search features and organic results.SEO PROPOSALS: PARTICULAR CHALLENGES AND HOW TO AVOID GETTING A SILENT NOSEOMONITORSEPTEMBER 10, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
Finnegan and his colleagues have since set, then thrown out, their first set of expectations in favor of much bigger ones.‘WE’VE REALLY RESET OUR FLOOR’: HOW THE ATLANTIC GAINED 300,000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS IN THE PAST 12 MONTHSMAX WILLENSSEPTEMBER 10, 2020DIGIDAY
Nuclear and coal are being phased out in favor of wind and solar, but the transition will take time, and in the meantime some energy source has to fill the gap.TRUMP HAS LONG WANTED TO KILL A RUSSIA-GERMANY NATURAL GAS PIPELINE. NAVALNY’S POISONING COULD DO IT FOR HIMDAVID MEYERSEPTEMBER 8, 2020FORTUNE
A 2017 report by the nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law noted that existing congressional maps were largely biased in favor of the Republican Party.HOW NEXT-GEN COMPUTER GENERATED MAPS DETECT PARTISAN GERRYMANDERINGSUJATA GUPTASEPTEMBER 7, 2020SCIENCE NEWS


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