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So long as the tax cuts kept flowing, the only “speech” that corporations engaged in came from their wallets, which in turn were fattened by those tax cuts.REPUBLICANS ARE LEARNING THAT THERE’S MORE TO CAPITALISM THAN TAX CUTSCATHERINE RAMPELLAPRIL 8, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Those early programs fostered hunting opportunities, but raising birds in covered pens where they were safe from predation and fattened up on easy, rich food sources didn’t exactly produce good fliers.HOW NON-NATIVE PHEASANTS PROTECT AMERICAN BIODIVERSITYWES SILERAPRIL 1, 2021OUTSIDE ONLINE
Past thirty all men begin to dry up or fatten, and he was certainly a lean person.THE SOLDIER OF THE VALLEYNELSON LLOYD
There is no more depraved class of people in the world than those human vultures who fatten on the shame of innocent young girls.FIGHTING THE TRAFFIC IN YOUNG GIRLSVARIOUS
He also observed the disposition to fatten in individuals, and used only such as were conspicuous in this respect.DOMESTIC ANIMALSRICHARD L. ALLEN
I would deplete the government—forage, as it were, on the enemy—thereby to fatten my purse.THE ONLOOKER, VOLUME 1, PART 2VARIOUS
Why that wordIs rich in promise, in the action bankrupt.What faculty of mine, save dream-fed pride,Can these things fatten?THE SAINT'S TRAGEDYCHARLES KINGSLEY
The corn is generally bought for hog feed and as these animals quickly fatten upon it, it is profitable.OCEAN TO OCEAN ON HORSEBACKWILLARD GLAZIER
Oxen and cows will not fatten by themselves, but will neglect the finest pasture that is not recommended by society.THE BOOK OF CURIOSITIESI. PLATTS
Businesses that fatten on misfortune—the saloon, pawn, old clothes and cheap food shops-lined the squalid Cowgate.GREYFRIARS BOBBYELEANOR ATKINSON


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