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The best snowboard helmet will fit snugly, fasten with a secure chin strap, and protect you from the cold while allowing for venting and moisture-wicking for added comfort.BEST SNOWBOARD HELMET: SNOW GEAR TO STAY SAFE ON THE SLOPESPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMMARCH 4, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
Another key consideration to look for is a cutting element that’s made of a hard, durable material that extends deep into the handle rather than being simply fastened to the end.BEST ICE PICK: A VERSATILE WINTER TOOL FOR CAMPING AND MOREPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMFEBRUARY 25, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
Finally, a securely fastened battery pack is essential when engaging in sports.BEST HEATED VEST: BEAT THE COLD WEATHER WITH THE RIGHT WINTER GEARPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMFEBRUARY 9, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The procession traveled under an American flag fastened between firetruck ladders, through an opening in the seven-foot-tall fence that has surrounded the Capitol complex since the day Sicknick was fatally injured.OFFICER BRIAN SICKNICK REMEMBERED AS HERO WHO DIED DEFENDING THE U.S. CAPITOLMEAGAN FLYNN, EMILY DAVIES, PAUL M. DUGGANFEBRUARY 3, 2021WASHINGTON POST
For New Dealers like Interior Secretary Harold Ickes, who called Alcoa “one of the worst monopolies that has ever been able to fasten itself upon American life,” it was about rivers.BREAKING UP BIG TECH CAN’T SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY BY ITSELFJORDAN HOWELLJANUARY 31, 2021WASHINGTON POST
He was well set in the form of a man now, the months since his imprisonment having brought him much to fasten upon and hold.THE BONDBOYGEORGE W. (GEORGE WASHINGTON) OGDEN
And I will fasten him as a peg in a sure place, and he shall be for a throne of glory to the house of his father.THE BIBLE, DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSIONVARIOUS
What—but fasten on his man, and not suffer him to leave his sight without an explanation, which he dreaded to receive.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, NO. CCCXXXIX. JANUARY, 1844. VOL. LV.VARIOUS
When that time comes they wrap it in their blankets, and fasten buyos and other things about the waist for the journey.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, 1493-1898, VOLUME XX, 1621-1624VARIOUS
Then, too, they wanted to fasten the porcelain insulators just right and had to consult one of the books several times.THE CAMPFIRE GIRLS OF ROSELAWNMARGARET PENROSE


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