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I have always been fascinated by enmeshed relationships, I think is not an unfair way of putting it.HOW GIDEON THE NINTH AUTHOR TAMSYN MUIR QUEERS THE SPACE OPERACONSTANCE GRADYFEBRUARY 5, 2021VOX
After some 400 million years of evolution, spiders’ forms and uses of silk fascinate researchers like Greco, who are looking for new materials.HOW A TINY SPIDER USES SILK TO LIFT PREY 50 TIMES ITS OWN WEIGHTSUSAN MILIUSFEBRUARY 3, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
Another topic that’s long fascinated me, also having to do with the mind, is memory.“WE GET ALL OUR GREAT STUFF FROM EUROPE — INCLUDING WITCH HUNTING.” (EP. 446)STEVEN D. LEVITTJANUARY 7, 2021FREAKONOMICS
Krans’s interest in aviation goes back to the 1980s, when his dad, a machinist fascinated by engineering and innovative planes, would sometimes bring home jet models.A CIA SPYPLANE CRASHED OUTSIDE AREA 51 A HALF-CENTURY AGO. THIS EXPLORER FOUND IT.SARAH SCOLESJANUARY 5, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
I’m also fascinated by Honey’s story of managing a chronic pain condition in the midst of a pandemic, especially when so many of their symptoms present similarly to Covid-19 symptoms.THE LOST YEAR: CHRONIC PAIN, AN UNUSUAL LOVE STORY, AND REASSURANCE VIA PICKLEEMILY VANDERWERFFDECEMBER 27, 2020VOX
Given that context, I was fascinated by this new survey from JPMorgan, which Emma reported on this morning.HOW TO CLOSE THE GENDER INVESTING CONFIDENCE GAPKRISTENLBELLSTROMDECEMBER 17, 2020FORTUNE
She was fascinated by the way his work connected this already canonical shape to even more widespread parts of mathematics.A MATHEMATICIAN’S UNANTICIPATED JOURNEY THROUGH THE PHYSICAL WORLDKEVIN HARTNETTDECEMBER 16, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
He was fascinated by those “well-muscled laborers” but he didn’t quite know why until he was an adolescent.TOM OF FINLAND BIO REVEALS DANGERS OF CREATING EROTIC ARTTERRI SCHLICHENMEYERDECEMBER 14, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Jesus Mehta was always fascinated by drums and wanted to learn how to play them.IT’LL TAKE MORE THAN 15 SECONDS TO REBUILD VIRALITYPALLABI MUNSIDECEMBER 2, 2020OZY
I’d always been fascinated by makeup, even working as a makeup artist during nursing school, and the field of aesthetics seemed to tie my two passions, nursing and makeup artistry, together nicely.THE SKIN CARE BRAND STRIVING TO MAKE MEDICAL-GRADE TOPICALS BOTH MORE LUXE AND ACCESSIBLERACHEL KINGNOVEMBER 29, 2020FORTUNE


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