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They emphasized that their answers don’t conflict so much as capture different facets of the truth.

What Is a Particle?Natalie WolchoverNovember 12, 2020Quanta Magazine

There is no bigger or more important star, no young sports leader handling every facet of this traumatic year better than the Clemson quarterback.

WHOOP uniquely blends hardware, software, and industry-leading accurate measurements to help people sharpen the edges of fitness and performance, create impactful behavior change, and empower them to optimize all facets of life.

“They make it hard,” Parr added, explaining that most facets of the ad-buying process on Substack is laborious.

While we wanted to focus primarily on alerts for this article, it’s important to remember that any facet of the tools you use must work seamlessly with the bigger picture.

Between social distancing and more time spent at home these days in the coronavirus age, many people are turning to new hobbies as well as organizing multiple facets of their personal belongings.

These are basically hardliners who are very protective of the regime and they aim to control all facets of society.

There were eyes; the round inhuman orbs of the dwarf chaks, the faceted stare of the prism eyes of the Toys.

The Door Through SpaceMarion Zimmer Bradley

I saw the tremor shake their bristling hosts, oscillate the great spire, set the faceted disks quivering.

If we are dealing with a faceted stone, not even the smallest portion can be utilized, for fear of injuring it.

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