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After decrying mankind’s greed and obliviousness, her statement extols forests as collectives whose “collaborative wisdom is something we humans might learn from and perhaps be saved by.”IN THE GALLERIES: A HEIGHTENED HOMAGE TO TREES AND WHAT THEY CAN TEACH USMARK JENKINSMAY 7, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Michael Tubbs, the mayor who brought the program to the area, appeared on national television programs to extol its virtues.CASH PAYMENTS SPREAD FROM CONGRESS TO STOCKTON TO BRAZIL — BUT NOTION OF ‘UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME’ FAR FROM REALITYELI ROSENBERG, JEFF STEIN, HELOISA TRAIANOAPRIL 22, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Are you not ashamed to extol this revolting and commonplace stuff, which aspires to be psychologically profound?THE LIFE & LETTERS OF PETER ILICH TCHAIKOVSKYMODESTE TCHAIKOVSKY
Let historians extol blood-shedding; it is woman's place to abhor it.A CONFEDERATE GIRL'S DIARYSARAH MARGAN DAWSON
He does not extol physical science alone, though doubtless he had a preference for it over metaphysical inquiries.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME VIJOHN LORD
Where was thy judgment, man, To extol a virgin Sanazarro tells me Is nearer to deformity?THE PLAYS OF PHILIP MASSINGERPHILIP MASSINGER
Cease with high-sounding praise to extol the womanly nature, while practically you deny that there is any.A NEW ATMOSPHEREGAIL HAMILTON
What a mean and odious lie is that web which naturalists extol as such a marvel of ingenuity!SELECTIONS FROM PREVIOUS WORKSSAMUEL BUTLER
A combination of circumstances has caused writers almost unanimously to extol his merits and to ignore his crimes.GERMAN PROBLEMS AND PERSONALITIESCHARLES SAROLEA
And those bulls of the Bharata race comforting Draupadi began to cheerfully extol Bhima with glad hearts.MAHABHARATA OF KRISHNA-DWAIPAYANA VYASA BK. 3 PT. 1KRISHNA-DWAIPAYANA VYASA


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