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Their evolution has been going on for longer than I ever expected, and I am very proud of it.CHRISTIAN PUGLISI IS CLOSING HIS INFLUENTIAL COPENHAGEN RESTAURANTS. COVID IS ONLY PARTLY TO BLAMERAFAEL TONONSEPTEMBER 17, 2020EATER
Fortune Connect is the next step in the evolution of our purpose.ANNOUNCING FORTUNE CONNECT, OUR NEW MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITYALAN MURRAYSEPTEMBER 15, 2020FORTUNE
So we have evolution to thank for shielding us from complete self-knowledge.THE DARK SIDE OF SMART - FACTS SO ROMANTICDIANA FLEISCHMANSEPTEMBER 15, 2020NAUTILUS
Through a gradual evolution, over many years of trial and error, we found an approach for making this work.WHAT IF YOUR COMPANY HAD NO RULES? (BONUS EPISODE)MARIA KONNIKOVASEPTEMBER 12, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Convergent evolution means there aren't even very many double-deckers left, and most planes carry their engines under the wings.THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL FLYING-V MADE A SUCCESSFUL FIRST FLIGHTJONATHAN M. GITLINSEPTEMBER 11, 2020ARS TECHNICA
The open web is nextThe evolution of shorter consumer journeys will continue on the open web, overhauling publisher partnerships and programmatic media.THE RACE TO FRICTIONLESS CONSUMER JOURNEYS IS EXPANDING BEYOND MARKETPLACESACUITYADSSEPTEMBER 10, 2020DIGIDAY
These transitions typically appear as discrete “leaps” in evolution, and the mechanisms that produce them remain little understood.HOW TWO BECAME ONE: ORIGINS OF A MYSTERIOUS SYMBIOSIS FOUNDVIVIANE CALLIERSEPTEMBER 9, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Mayor Kevin Faulconer now wants to make the evolution of the program official.MORNING REPORT: A QUESTIONABLE STAT THAT’S GUIDING REOPENINGVOICE OF SAN DIEGOSEPTEMBER 9, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Tiny gas bubbles and tracer particles were shot into the tank so they could get caught up in the swirling currents, allowing the researchers to see and closely measure the evolution of the vortices.AN UNEXPECTED TWIST LIGHTS UP THE SECRETS OF TURBULENCEDAVID H. FREEDMANSEPTEMBER 3, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
The amazing evolution is described through the lens of an un-assuming dreamer who has seen it all, from two-man basement projects to 100-million-dollar disasters.‘THE DREAM ARCHITECTS’: INSIDE THE MAKING OF GAMING’S BIGGEST FRANCHISESRACHEL KINGSEPTEMBER 1, 2020FORTUNE


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