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I do not wish to eulogize, still less to whitewash, so great a man, but only to render simple justice to his memory and deeds.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME XIIJOHN LORD
Unless you eulogize whatever they say or do, unless you adapt yourself to their slightest whim, they become angry with you.COMMENTARY ON THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANSMARTIN LUTHER
These compliments from the Press derive additional value from the following passage in the work they eulogize.LANDS OF THE SLAVE AND THE FREEHENRY A. MURRAY
We had a candidate whose personal character and principles he had already described, whom he could not eulogize if he would.THE PAPERS AND WRITINGS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VOLUME TWOABRAHAM LINCOLN
During the day they eulogize the liberal; during the night they denounce instances of avarice.DANTE: "THE CENTRAL MAN OF ALL THE WORLD"JOHN T. SLATTERY
Yesterday we erected statues to those who died for their country; to-day we eulogize those who live for humanity.PRIZE ORATIONS OF THE INTERCOLLEGIATE PEACE ASSOCIATIONINTERCOLLEGIATE PEACE ASSOCIATION
To-morrow we run a photograph of Schwartzwold, his place at Plattsburg, and the next day we eulogize the administration.THE WINDOW AT THE WHITE CATMARY ROBERTS RINEHART
It is no part of the design of this volume to eulogize Louisville beyond its deserts.THE HISTORY OF LOUISVILLE, FROM THE EARLIEST SETTLEMENT TILL THE YEAR 1852BEN CASSEDAY
At present men are accustomed to eulogize intelligence and reason in general terms; their fundamental importance is urged.DEMOCRACY AND EDUCATIONJOHN DEWEY
The reverent mind shrinks instinctively from the idea of attempting to eulogize it, as from something profane and presumptuous.COMPANION TO THE BIBLEE. P. BARROWS


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