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It may sound like an esoteric problem, but a rapidly-spinning litter beneath a helicopter with a 74-year-old evacuee in it made news in 2019 in a video that will make you gasp.GETTING RESCUED BY HELICOPTER HAS RISKS. THIS GADGET COULD MAKE IT SAFER.ROB VERGERJANUARY 21, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
Zokinvy builds on decades of research on many aspects of the lamin A protein, including the “seemingly esoteric chemical modification” that forms progerin, he says.THE FDA HAS APPROVED THE FIRST DRUG TO TREAT THE RAPID-AGING DISEASE PROGERIACAROLYN WILKENOVEMBER 25, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
He then decided he’d had enough of eking out small advances in esoteric areas of physics, and he got ready to begin a postdoc at Princeton University in the more wide-open field of neuroscience.AN UNEXPECTED TWIST LIGHTS UP THE SECRETS OF TURBULENCEDAVID H. FREEDMANSEPTEMBER 3, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Which includes what seem to me like fairly esoteric ways of getting STDs such as, for example, mosquito bites.WHO AMONG US HAS NOT SEDUCED THE POOL BOY?EUGENE ROBINSONAUGUST 30, 2020OZY
At the same time, the book delves deep into gritty physics details, thoroughly explaining important concepts like the cosmic microwave background — the oldest light in the universe — and tackling esoteric topics in theoretical physics.‘THE END OF EVERYTHING’ EXPLORES THE WAYS THE UNIVERSE COULD PERISHEMILY CONOVERAUGUST 4, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
His esoteric project was the original project of Christopher Columbus, extended and modified.THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND FROM THE ACCESSION OF JAMES II.THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY
I think that sort of thing appeals especially to me because my own design isn't in the least esoteric.HILDASARAH JEANETTE DUNCAN
Petuléngro, farrier, the esoteric Romany name of the Smith family.LAVENGROGEORGE BORROW
Yet it is known that we have several branches of these same Esoteric Masonic Lodges carrying on their deadly work in our midst.SECRET SOCIETIES AND SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTSNESTA H. WEBSTER
This was the origin of the rites more public, yet certainly esoteric, that he at last found himself able to establish.THE ALTAR OF THE DEADHENRY JAMES


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