[ ih-rin-is, ih-rahy-nis ]

Antonyms for erinyes

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But Orestes was not yet relieved from the vengeance of the Erinyes.

Why do the Erinyes persecute him and not her who is far more guilty?

The blacke infernall Furies, the Erinyes, or goddesses of vengeance, who dwelt in Erebus.

The Erinyes or Eumenides are the deities whose business it is to punish, in hades, the crimes committed upon earth.

The Erinyes brought their accusation, and Orestes pleaded the command of the Delphic oracle as his excuse.

Her action is too capricious, as though the Erinyes selected for punishment only certain men and certain sins.

Thus they were supposed to have borne away the daughters of King Pandareos to act as servants to the Erinyes.

The whole question is summarized in the ensuing debate between Orestes and the Erinyes.

The poet when he wrote like this saw the Erinyes with his own eyes, and he almost compels his readers to see them too.

The real name of the Furies was the “Erinyes,” which means the desperate madness of those whom the gods or fates have cursed.