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Private boards should follow suit and make pay equity a board-level conversation by asking for documented pay practices, promotion and termination distributions, and results of regular pay equity reviews.HOW TO BE A FAIR-PAY CEOMATTHEWHEIMERAUGUST 25, 2020FORTUNE
Lawmakers have failed to reach agreement on extending $600-a-week supplemental benefits, which expired in July and helped bring some semblance of regional equity to America’s patchwork social safety net.THERE ARE ONLY 2 STATES PAYING TRUMP’S $300 UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS SO FAR. HERE’S WHERE THE REST STANDLEE CLIFFORDAUGUST 25, 2020FORTUNE
Dan Ives, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities, tells Fortune he expects a 5% to 10% correction in the stock market if Congress fails to pass more stimulus in the next month.‘THERE’S GOING TO BE A SELLOFF IN THE STOCK MARKET’ IF CONGRESS DOESN’T PASS MORE STIMULUSLANCE LAMBERTAUGUST 23, 2020FORTUNE
The funding vehicle has gained traction amid the pandemic as private equity shops, hedge funds, CEOs seek to take advantage of the market dislocation.PAUL RYAN JUMPS ONTO THE SPAC TRAINLUCINDA SHENAUGUST 21, 2020FORTUNE
Momentum from the tech rally, and some promising vaccine news are pushing global equities and futures higher this morning.INVESTORS RIDE THE BIG TECH RALLY EVEN AS COVID CASES AND UNEMPLOYMENT SPIKEBERNHARD WARNERAUGUST 21, 2020FORTUNE
For example, Havas announced its appointments for its new diversity, equity and inclusion committee this wee.‘URGENT NEED’: HOW AGENCIES ARE DEPLOYING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION EXECS, FORMING NEW COUNCILS TO CREATE MORE EQUITABLE COMPANIESKRISTINA MONLLOSAUGUST 21, 2020DIGIDAY
The 2012 policy mentions LGBT people twice — once in a footnote and once in a reference to partnering with LGBT advocates to advance gender equity.ERASED FROM THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION’S DRAFT OF A KEY FOREIGN AID POLICY: ANY MENTION OF LGBT PEOPLEBY YEGANEH TORBATIAUGUST 20, 2020PROPUBLICA
That’s arguably the theme that, more than any other, has proved the long-term winner in equity investing.THE CHAMP’S BIG COMEBACK: WHY BEATEN-DOWN VALUE STOCKS ARE POISED TO THRIVESHAWN TULLYAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
There’s the camp that believes equities are over-priced by just about every historical measure out there.BULLS LAY OUT THEIR CASE FOR STOCKS TO HIT RECORD HIGHS, AND TO KEEP CLIMBINGBERNHARD WARNERAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
The investor held almost 70% in equities, just under 3% in real estate, with the rest going into fixed income.THE WORLD’S LARGEST WEALTH FUND HAS LOST $21 BILLION SO FAR THIS YEARKDUNN6AUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE


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