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The grandfather’s sperm DNA changed its shape, leaving a blueprint of the experience entwined in the genes.HOW MUCH DO OUR GENES RESTRICT FREE WILL?HANNAH CRITCHLOWNOVEMBER 29, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
More ephemeral — and thus more characteristic — are Annie Broderick’s cloud of suspended cotton twill and Adjoa Burrowes’s shredded-cardboard wall piece, which entwines strips of a box’s raw-brown and printed-blue sides.IN THE GALLERIES: A WIDE ARRAY OF MEDIA CARRY ELECTION-YEAR MESSAGESMARK JENKINSOCTOBER 30, 2020WASHINGTON POST
The business model for premium short-form programming is similarly entwined.QUIBI’S SHUTDOWN UNDERSCORES ECONOMIC CHALLENGE FOR BIG-BUDGET, BITE-SIZED SHOWSTIM PETERSONOCTOBER 23, 2020DIGIDAY
If it turns out that dodders truly use only FT from hosts to induce flowering, Westwood says that would be a simple and elegant example of how evolution has entwined plant parasites with the organisms they depend on for survival.THIS PARASITIC PLANT EAVESDROPS ON ITS HOST TO KNOW WHEN TO FLOWERJONATHAN LAMBERTSEPTEMBER 4, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
For Crompton, this particular produce-themed product is closely entwined with art history.SUMMER IS FOREVER WITH THIS CORN-ON-THE-COB CHAIREMMA ORLOWAUGUST 28, 2020EATER
I said, with my imagination full of boa-constrictors big enough to entwine and crush us up.MASS' GEORGEGEORGE MANVILLE FENN
Her eyes never moved from him, her fingers to the last sought to entwine themselves with his.THE SHADOW OF ASHLYDYATMRS. HENRY WOOD
They entwine garlands around the high pillars, and put wreaths of laurel over the arched windows.NELLY'S FIRST SCHOOLDAYSJOSEPHINE FRANKLIN
From that day forward he would scarcely part from Virginia, so completely did she entwine herself round his heart.THE SETTLERSWILLIAM H. G. KINGSTON
A beautiful portion of Holland's glorious history affords the espalier, around which the tendrils of my narrative entwine.THE BURGOMASTER'S WIFE, COMPLETEGEORG EBERS


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