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Kids lose some skills and knowledge over the summer, but children from wealthy families who can afford camps and other enrichment activities lose less.SACRAMENTO REPORT: AT A LOSS ON LEARNING LOSSSARA LIBBYFEBRUARY 5, 2021VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
When I began teaching 17 years ago, 60 percent of our high school students would attend and could choose from plenty of enrichment courses as well as regular content classes.TEACHER: WHAT’S MISSING FROM CALLS FOR SUMMER SCHOOL TO STEM ‘LEARNING LOSS’VALERIE STRAUSSJANUARY 26, 2021WASHINGTON POST
This is a situation where this elite gang owns the country like private property and actually uses it for its enrichment.IN RUSSIA, TOUGH NEW LAWS AND STEPPED-UP DEFIANCE ABROAD MARK PUTIN’S SHIFT TOWARD UNFETTERED CONTROLROBYN DIXONDECEMBER 27, 2020WASHINGTON POST
The board then voted to require that the superintendent deliver an annual report to school board members detailing the diversity of TJ’s admitted class that year, attrition rates and data on student “participation in enrichment clubs.”FAIRFAX SCHOOL BOARD SWITCHES TO ‘HOLISTIC REVIEW’ ADMISSIONS SYSTEM FOR THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOLHANNAH NATANSONDECEMBER 18, 2020WASHINGTON POST
What works is enrichment, and the more you can give someone to build on their skills and talents, the better the outcomes are going to be.NEED A LAST-MINUTE GIFT? HOW ABOUT A CAMEL? A DIFFERENT KIND OF YEAR HAS GROUPS HOPING SHOPPERS WILL TURN TO A DIFFERENT KIND OF GIVING.THERESA VARGASDECEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
While Dollar General’s stock price has nearly tripled over the past five years, its front-line employees don’t see much of that enrichment.THE DEATH OF THE DEPARTMENT STORE AND THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASSJASON DEL REYNOVEMBER 30, 2020VOX
Doing so would teach us things about how to adapt old buildings for better ventilation, or how to test sewage to identify outbreaks or how to further provide enrichment in outdoor settings as we are uniquely capable of doing here.TEAM REOPEN: 2, SCHOOLS: 0SCOTT LEWISAUGUST 31, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Various means have been suggested by the writers for the enrichment of the Judeo-German vocabulary.THE HISTORY OF YIDDISH LITERATURE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURYLEO WIENER
On the other hand, one cannot but foresee a gradual enrichment and ennoblement of the interior of the Capitol.AMERICA TO-DAY, OBSERVATIONS AND REFLECTIONSWILLIAM ARCHER
For a thief steals for his own enrichment, not for the advantage of the recipient of the stolen goods.CONSUMERS AND WAGE-EARNERSJ. ELLIOT ROSS


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