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In these enlightened days no man is imprisoned for owing money, but only because he does not pay it when told to do so.SHOWELL'S DICTIONARY OF BIRMINGHAMTHOMAS T. HARMAN AND WALTER SHOWELL
Not merely must there be a desire to perform the service; but there must be an enlightened apprehension of its nature.THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTINGJOHN CUNNINGHAM
In regard to the choice of rulers, the duty of a people enlightened with the knowledge of Divine truth, is clear and plain.THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTINGJOHN CUNNINGHAM
Peter Ilich was grateful for the interest which this enlightened man took in him and his work.THE LIFE & LETTERS OF PETER ILICH TCHAIKOVSKYMODESTE TCHAIKOVSKY
I shudder when I chance to come across a really well-read and enlightened man!THE LIFE & LETTERS OF PETER ILICH TCHAIKOVSKYMODESTE TCHAIKOVSKY
And is it possible that men, enlightened in other things, have so long submitted to this absurd and abject slavery?A PHILOSOPHICAL DICTIONARY, VOLUME 1 (OF 10)FRANOIS-MARIE AROUET (AKA VOLTAIRE)
With a settlement of enlightened freemen, who with the immense facilities, must soon grow into a powerful nation.THE CONDITION, ELEVATION, EMIGRATION, AND DESTINY OF THE COLORED PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATESMARTIN R. DELANY
I am too enlightened and progressive to feel comfortable in my own country, and that is why I spend so much time in England.THE WEIGHT OF THE CROWNFRED M. WHITE
In the hands of an enlightened government the priests would become the most useful of citizens.SUPERSTITION IN ALL AGES (1732)JEAN MESLIER
At any rate, a glance at the pages of a Napier, or a word from the Duke of Wellington would have enlightened him on the subject.THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND IN THREE VOLUMES, VOL.III.E. FARR AND E. H. NOLAN


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