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If you care even a little bit about New York City — and possibly even if you don’t — this book will enlighten and quite possibly thrill you.HOW DOES NEW YORK CITY KEEP REINVENTING ITSELF? (BONUS)KURT ANDERSENMARCH 21, 2021FREAKONOMICS
The shame and sorrow these young women suffer in the 1890s is not so different from what women trying to get pregnant — or end a pregnancy — endure in our own supposedly enlightened era.IN ANNA NORTH’S RIVETING ‘OUTLAWED,’ THERE’S NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN A CHILDLESS WOMANRON CHARLESJANUARY 7, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Either way, these documentaries, movies, and TV shows will simultaneously entertain and enlighten you for hours upon hours.THE BEST BUSINESS DOCUMENTARIES, MOVIES, AND TV SHOWS TO STREAM DURING YOUR TIME OFFRACHEL KINGDECEMBER 24, 2020FORTUNE
We were dazzled by the pitches from budding startup teams, and we were enlightened by the investors sharing their wealth of knowledge about the ecosystem.EXTRA CRUNCH SUPPORT EXPANDS INTO ARGENTINA, BRAZIL AND MEXICOTRAVIS BERNARDJULY 7, 2020TECHCRUNCH
I’m just acknowledging that in the emotional grip of a relationship crisis like that, not many of us are enlightened enough to do that.WHAT DOES COVID-19 MEAN FOR CITIES (AND MARRIAGES)? (EP. 410)STEPHEN J. DUBNERMARCH 26, 2020FREAKONOMICS
We certainly do intend to deal fairly with Liberia, and give the reader every information that may tend to enlighten them.THE CONDITION, ELEVATION, EMIGRATION, AND DESTINY OF THE COLORED PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATESMARTIN R. DELANY
Jack shivered as he recalled the Rev. Charles Mason's picture of that home, but he would not enlighten her.THE CROMPTONSMARY J. HOLMES
Juana, too late aware of our laws and habits and administrative customs, did not enlighten her husband soon enough.JUANAHONORE DE BALZAC
Sensible and peaceable people enlighten themselves; their light spreads itself gradually, and in time reaches the people.SUPERSTITION IN ALL AGES (1732)JEAN MESLIER
Man is so little enlightened to-day only because we had the precaution or the good fortune to enlighten him little by little.SUPERSTITION IN ALL AGES (1732)JEAN MESLIER


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