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The campus this year also eliminated public fossil fuel investments from its endowment.GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY TO POWER CAMPUS WITH ELECTRICITY FROM SOLAR PLANTSLAUREN LUMPKINOCTOBER 29, 2020WASHINGTON POST
“What was creative was figuring out a way to increase our giving while not diminishing the current value of our endowment,” Ford Foundation president Darren Walker tells Fortune.THE FORD FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES $180 MILLION IN NEW RACIAL JUSTICE GRANTS, SUPPORTED BY PROCEEDS FROM SOCIAL BONDSELLEN MCGIRTOCTOBER 9, 2020FORTUNE
Foundations, family offices, college endowments, pension funds, and insurance companies should all, they say, wield their power to change the face of corporate America and Silicon Valley.INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS MUST TAKE ACTION ON DIVERSITY IN VENTURE CAPITALEHINCHLIFFEAUGUST 31, 2020FORTUNE
All we can say is that the average genetic endowment of a group of dogs bred in exactly the same way as Dax will come out to be 56% husky and 44% Pomeranian.HOW TO DESIGN (OR AT LEAST MODEL) MIXED DOG BREEDSPRADEEP MUTALIKJULY 31, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
The vote in Maryland came as both public and private HBCUs nationwide have been struggling with uncertain federal funding, sputtering enrollment, and relatively small endowments.A PANDEMIC PROBLEM, OR JUST AN EXCUSE TO DENY HBCUS MORE FUNDING?TRUTHBETOLDJULY 7, 2020TRUTHBETOLD.NEWS
But for the most part even industry and endowment were powerless against the inertia of custom and the dead-weight of environment.THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICESTEPHEN LEACOCK
She was a woman of great intellectual endowment, with highly cultivated literary tastes.FIFTY YEARS OF RAILWAY LIFE IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELANDJOSEPH TATLOW
This endowment would give the schools consequence and character, and would correct and elevate the standard of education.THOUGHTS ON EDUCATIONAL TOPICS AND INSTITUTIONSGEORGE S. BOUTWELL
At its endowment Henry laid on the altar the famous "cornu eburneum," now lost.BELL'S CATHEDRALS: THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF CARLISLEC. KING ELEY
That we have groped for the way of right conduct and agonized over the soul betokens our spiritual endowment.REVOLUTION AND OTHER ESSAYSJACK LONDON


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