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A new opinion paper assesses one way in which we might be able to learn from our encounters with smallpox.WEARING A MASK COULD PROTECT YOU FROM COVID-19 IN MORE WAYS THAN YOU THINKKAT ESCHNERSEPTEMBER 10, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Walker’s deputy chief of staff at the time, Jang, said Potts told her just before the encounter that she was expecting to meet with Walker as well as Mallott.THE WOMAN PROPOSITIONED BY ALASKA’S FORMER LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR TELLS HER STORY FOR THE FIRST TIMEBY KYLE HOPKINS AND MICHELLE THERIAULT BOOTS, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWSSEPTEMBER 10, 2020PROPUBLICA
The most touching things were the encounters I would have … when a kid with so much on the line quietly comes out to you while shaking your hand, passes you a note, and you’re just thinking about what that kid might be up against.PETE BUTTIGIEG SAYS DEMS DID NOT COORDINATE TO SEAL BIDEN’S PRIMARY WINNICK FOURIEZOSSEPTEMBER 9, 2020OZY
Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, all Republicans, wore masks in encounters with the president in the last week.TRUMP AND HIS TOP AIDES HAVE STOPPED WEARING MASKS AFTER A BRIEF EFFORTRACHEL SCHALLOMSEPTEMBER 3, 2020FORTUNE
Several police groups issued a statement ahead of the hearing saying the board would invite “members whose qualifications are inherently based on negative encounters with peace officers.”SACRAMENTO REPORT: JONES, COVID-19 AND THE IRONY OF REMOTE VOTINGSARA LIBBY AND JESSE MARXAUGUST 28, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Certainly, policing choices made during these encounters are a source of racial injustices.WHY SOME SENIOR OFFICERS ARE MAKING IT HARDER FOR POLICE DEPARTMENTS TO FIGHT RACISMMATTHEWHEIMERAUGUST 26, 2020FORTUNE
The new images were taken after Neowise passed around the sun, showing the comet survived the high temperatures and pressure induced by such a close encounter.HUBBLE HAS SPOTTED COMET NEOWISE AFTER IT SURVIVED ITS JOURNEY AROUND THE SUNNEEL PATELAUGUST 25, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Sosis suspected that the mere presence of the book helped the cabdriver manage the stress of possibly violent encounters.WHY DO WE MISS THE RITUALS PUT ON HOLD BY THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC?SUJATA GUPTAAUGUST 14, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Nearly four months after the encounter, MTS had already purged the footage.VOSD PODCAST: COPS AND CAMERAS, CAMERAS AND COPSNATE JOHNJULY 24, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Brooks said the MTS officer and two guards treated him abrasively when he tried to move toward a security camera so the encounter could be filmed.MTS PURGED BODY CAMERA FOOTAGE BEFORE MAN’S ATTORNEY COULD ACCESS ITLISA HALVERSTADTJULY 21, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO


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