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What is essential, though, is being empathetic while doing so.EMPATHY IS AN UNDERRATED WEAPON IN FIGHTING VACCINE SKEPTICISMJAKEMETHOCTOBER 13, 2020FORTUNE
Odds are that they would return to the office chastened, and pull out all the stops to design more empathetic tech and fix these issues.HOW TO FIX SILICON VALLEYJAKEMETHOCTOBER 4, 2020FORTUNE
It starts in undergraduate education, where classes around the ethics of innovation, conscious capitalism, and empathetic tech should be made compulsory for any computer science student.HOW TO FIX SILICON VALLEYJAKEMETHOCTOBER 4, 2020FORTUNE
Campaigns and elections have always been about data—underneath the empathetic promises to fix your problems and fight for your family, it’s a business of metrics.THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS THE 2020 CAMPAIGNS, EXPLAINEDTATE RYAN-MOSLEYSEPTEMBER 28, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
The Washington Post’s branded content arm, WP BrandStudio, is striving to making sure that the projects that the team is working on are effective and empathetic during this unsure time.HOW THE WASHINGTON POST IS CREATING IMPACT THROUGH SOCIALLY MINDED BRANDED CONTENTKAYLEIGH BARBERAUGUST 26, 2020DIGIDAY
You can't lie to a trained empathetic because he can sense the real attitude behind the verbal lies.SENSE OF OBLIGATIONHENRY MAXWELL DEMPSEY (AKA HARRY HARRISON)
It enfolded his consciousness, tenderly, protectingly, empathetic.RIYA'S FOUNDLINGALGIRDAS JONAS BUDRYS
You can't lie to a trained empathetic, because he can sense the real attitude behind the verbal lies.PLANET OF THE DAMNEDHARRY HARRISON
The empathetic is always aware of this constant and silent surge, whether he makes the effort to understand it or not.PLANET OF THE DAMNEDHARRY HARRISON
But he did feel the wave of emotion that welled from her, impinging directly on his empathetic sense.PLANET OF THE DAMNEDHARRY HARRISON


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