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To casually reinforce Carlson’s rhetoric, for whatever reason, in a hearing focused on actually elucidating the causes of migration from the region is jarring.TUCKER CARLSON’S TOXIC ‘REPLACEMENT’ RHETORIC GETS PICKED UP IN THE HOUSEPHILIP BUMPAPRIL 14, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The statements elucidate enslaved people’s hatred of slavery, actions for their own liberation and ability to bring a major colonial port city to a near-standstill.LITTLE-KNOWN VOICES SING THE HISTORY OF SLAVERY AND RESISTANCECHANDRA MANNINGMARCH 5, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Now that the researchers have elucidated how different kinds of defects like wrinkles, domes, and holes impact the properties of these 2D materials, they’re working on ways to precisely pattern them to create more complex chips.GRAPHENE ‘NANO-ORIGAMI’ COULD TAKE US PAST THE END OF MOORE’S LAWEDD GENTMARCH 1, 2021SINGULARITY HUB 
These visual aids elucidate the complicated mathematical concepts underlying Mirzakhani’s work, for which she won the Fields Medal in 2014.A DOCUMENTARY AND A BOLLYWOOD FILM HIGHLIGHT TWO DISPARATE PATHS IN MATHEMATICSEMILY CONOVEROCTOBER 15, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Because the double pentagon and the dodecahedron are geometric cousins, the former’s high degree of symmetry can elucidate the structure of the latter.MATHEMATICIANS REPORT NEW DISCOVERY ABOUT THE DODECAHEDRONERICA KLARREICHAUGUST 31, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
To elucidate this it is necessary to plunge into the jungle of pure economic theory.THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICESTEPHEN LEACOCK
I was so happy at the opportunity to elucidate my motives to intelligent Americans,—and he was sleeping!PRISON MEMOIRS OF AN ANARCHISTALEXANDER BERKMAN
Perhaps some of your correspondents would elucidate this singular oblation.NOTES AND QUERIES, NUMBER 192, JULY 2, 1853VARIOUS
In dwelling so long on this point my object was not so much to elucidate Liszt's meaning as Chopin's character as a composer.FREDERICK CHOPIN AS A MAN AND MUSICIANFREDERICK NIECKS
Toryl, somewhat deflated, but by no means defeated, hastened to elucidate.JUBILATION, U.S.A.G. L. VANDENBURG


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