[ ih-lek-truh-pleyt ]
SEE DEFINITION OF electroplating
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This is a more useful form of winding for electroplating purposes.

You should be able to make ball bearings by molding, then densify them by electroplating.

Nickel is also used for electroplating, for nickel coins, for chemicals, etc.

Electroplating is the art of coating metals with metals by means of electricity.

The invention of electroplating was made by Brugnatelli in Italy in 1803.

In a short time his electroplating vat was put out of order.

Daniell cells are used especially for electroplating, electrotyping and telegraphic work.

Electroplating consists in coating substances with metal with the aid of the electric current.

Electro-cautery, electroplating, and electric heating also give use to dynamotors.

For electroplating of copper, anodes of metallic copper, having a surface equal to that of the articles to be coated, are used.