[ ih-lek-truh-pleyt ]
SEE DEFINITION OF electro-plating
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On a large scale, electro-plating is carried out in oblong vats, occasionally holding from 200 to 250 gallons of solution.

The next was the discovery of the art of plating by galvanic instead of mechanical agency, now known as electro-plating.

The success of the electro-plating process was dependent upon knowledge previously discovered.

Cyanide of Potassium is largely used in photography and in electro-plating, and is also poisonous.

In 1841 Smee employed his battery for electro-plating with various metals.

In 1844 there were published the electro-plating experiments of Dancer, made in 1838.

The menstruum best adapted for electro-plating is a solution of silver in cyanide of potassium.

At once magneto-electric machines were made for generating electricity for the electric light, electro-plating, etc.

In 1840 Murray used plumbago to make non-conducting surfaces conductive for electro-plating.

In 1847 Prof. Silliman imitated mother-of-pearl by electro-plating process.