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Initial trials should also be evaluated by an International Scientific Advisory Panel—yet to be established—for safety and efficacy before receiving the final go-ahead.A CRISPR BABY FUTURE? NEW REPORT OUTLINES PATH TO HUMAN GERMLINE EDITINGSHELLY FANSEPTEMBER 15, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
These trials allow scientists to determine the vaccines’ efficacy and identify side effects that may not have appeared in phase 1 or phase 2 trials.CHINA HAS QUIETLY VACCINATED MORE THAN 100,000 PEOPLE FOR COVID-19 BEFORE COMPLETING SAFETY TRIALSLILI PIKESEPTEMBER 11, 2020VOX
We need to assess safety, and we won’t know the efficacy part until much later.ASTRAZENECA JUST PAUSED ITS COVID-19 VACCINE TRIAL, AND THAT’S A GOOD THINGCLAIRE MALDARELLISEPTEMBER 9, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Meanwhile, other experts have questioned the efficacy of Hong Kong’s mass testing as a preventative measure since people are still free to circulate around the city.HONG KONG’S CITYWIDE COVID-19 TESTING HAS BECOME A BAROMETER OF PUBLIC TRUSTEAMONBARRETTSEPTEMBER 9, 2020FORTUNE
Just last week, FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn cited misleading statistics about the efficacy of using blood plasma to treat severe Covid-19.A THIRD OF AMERICANS MIGHT REFUSE A COVID-19 VACCINE. HOW SCREWED ARE WE?BRIAN RESNICKSEPTEMBER 4, 2020VOX
“The psychiatrists I talk with say that they want to see much stronger efficacy data,” Widge said.ELON MUSK’S BRAIN COMPANY PLANS A BIG REVEAL ON FRIDAY. HERE’S WHAT WE ALREADY KNOWVERNE KOPYTOFFAUGUST 27, 2020FORTUNE
If any of them pan out, larger clinical trials would be needed to establish efficacy.NEW TREATMENTS AIM TO TREAT COVID-19 EARLY, BEFORE IT GETS SERIOUSTINA HESMAN SAEYAUGUST 24, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Without a sense of efficacy—the feeling of having control over the conditions of their lives—I fear some may give up on the difficult process of making change.GENERATION Z IS ‘TRAUMATIZED’ BY CLIMATE CHANGE—AND THEY’RE THE KEY TO FIGHTING ITMATTHEWHEIMERAUGUST 19, 2020FORTUNE
According to the statement, the Phase 1 trial will investigate the safety and efficacy of a product the company calls AGT 103-T, “a genetically modified cell product made from a person’s own cells.”FDA APPROVES HUMAN TRIAL FOR TREATMENT TO CURE HIVLOU CHIBBARO JR.AUGUST 17, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
The announcement came even though no published information is available about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy, and scientists have yet to complete the final phase of clinical testing to determine whether it works.HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT RUSSIA’S UNVERIFIED CORONAVIRUS VACCINETINA HESMAN SAEYAUGUST 11, 2020SCIENCE NEWS


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