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Once a warm, wet world, Mars lost its magnetic field more than 4 billion years ago when its outer core cooled, shutting off the dynamo that kept the field in place.MARS HAS MUCH MORE WATER THAN PREVIOUSLY KNOWN—BUT THERE'S A CATCHJEFFREY KLUGERMARCH 16, 2021TIME
She isn’t the dramatic dynamo of the fashion industry’s imagination.THE SOUND OF A SHIFTING POWER STRUCTUREROBIN GIVHANJANUARY 13, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Edison was impressed, but he thought he could improve on the system, which used a steam-powered dynamo to produce an incredibly bright light—much too bright for household use, more akin to outdoor floodlights.HOW ELECTRIC LIGHTING CHANGED OUR SLEEP, AND OTHER STORIES IN MATERIALS SCIENCEJENNIFER OUELLETTEJANUARY 1, 2021ARS TECHNICA
It was the face of a man who ran his mental dynamo at top speed in defiance of nature's laws against speeding.SCATTERGOOD BAINESCLARENCE BUDINGTON KELLAND
Everybody but the dynamo-watch lay steeped in sleep; there was no sound.A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT, COMPLETEMARK TWAIN (SAMUEL CLEMENS)
He caught her frail body in his great grasp, and she vibrated like a bit of wire caught up by a dynamo.JAFFERYWILLIAM J. LOCKE
I passed the Jefe myself on the City Hall steps, and heard him b-r-r-ring like a dynamo.THE BELTED SEASARTHUR COLTON
The motor and dynamo are mounted on a heavy wood base, which in turn is firmly bolted to a concrete foundation.THE BOY MECHANIC, BOOK 2VARIOUS
I judged it to be the dynamo or battery from which the projector was supplied with the light‑ray.THE FIRE PEOPLERAY CUMMINGS
Kidder's medical battery used forty years ago or more, and still used and purchasable in its first form, was a dynamo.STEAM STEEL AND ELECTRICITYJAMES W. STEELE


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