Thesaurus / durable


The small, durable design means you can take it along on all your down-and-dirty wilderness adventures.
What we need is more efficient, recyclable, and durable batteries produced from responsibly sourced materials to alleviate the burden on the planet.
These keys are extremely durable and have a smooth texture that’s pleasurable to the fingertip.
The zip-top is easy to fill, and the durable plastic reservoir, which features dual-layer construction, uses silver-ion technology to help prevent bacterial growth.
An adjustable velcro band makes it easy to create the best fit for your body and the durable, light cotton material helps whisk away sweat and moisture.
Samsung says it’s working on cheaper models, and next week Microsoft will release its new twist, the Surface Duo, which seeks to be more durable by having two separate screens that fold closed in the middle.
This idea is translated into durable marble on his striking tombstone in Pre-Lachaise, done in high relief by the chisel of Merci.
These are cheap and durable, and are placed on the tiled floors so common in the colder parts of China.
Eel-skins make most durable harness ties, and, twisted or plaited together, form very serviceable whips.
Not more than ten settlers had been able to erect dwellings better than log-huts, which are neither warm nor durable.


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