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There is a suspicion that it may be the Bergamotte dt renamed after a Polish nobleman.

It is often known as the Royale dt, and has had various other synonyms.

The principal events of Israel's past history mentioned in Dt.

Now suppose dp imposed without change of volume, and dT to be the resulting temperature change.

Thus the efficiency of the cycle is dvdp ⁄ H, and this by the former definition is dT ⁄ T.

Indeed Moses had provided for a kingdom and given the law upon which the king was to rule (Dt 17:14-20).

It depends also on the rate at which currents rise and fall, and this is indicated by the differential coefficient dC / dt.

I remember being present at the Cirque dt during one of Moscous rehearsals, ridden by Mdlle.

An equestrian, named Prince, was performing at the Cirque dt a vaulting act on two horses, which were leaping fixed bars.

Knoop stated in 1771 that it had the same qualities as the Bon Chrtien dt but that it ripens a little later.