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If chips get too hot they malfunction, so this is already a major obstacle for further miniaturizing electronics, and it’s also an unsustainable resource drain on big technology companies with lots of hardware.THIS MICROCHIP HAS ITS OWN BUILT-IN COOLING SYSTEMEDD GENTSEPTEMBER 14, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
As decisions are now more likely to come at the last minute and advertisers want buyers to tweak plans much more frequently, it means longer hours and a drain on buyers who say the new expectations are having a negative effect on their mental health.‘SEEMINGLY NONSTOP’: CONSTANT REQUESTS TO REPLAN AND RETOOL CAMPAIGNS IS GETTING TO MEDIA BUYERSKRISTINA MONLLOSSEPTEMBER 2, 2020DIGIDAY
These efforts will combine to create the most detailed map ever of Miami’s topography, its patchwork of sea walls, and the hidden web of drains, pipes, and pumps that keep its streets dry.MIAMI’S HIGH-TECH FLOOD MAP WILL HELP DECIDE WHICH NEIGHBORHOODS GET SAVEDNICOLÁS RIVEROSEPTEMBER 1, 2020QUARTZ
A major remaining source of pollution are storm drains, which allow sewage, toxins, and fertilizer to flow into the river during heavy rains.51 YEARS LATER, THE CUYAHOGA RIVER BURNS AGAINWES SILERAUGUST 28, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
The current waste policies are a drain on general funds, are unequipped to meet the city’s zero waste goals and are an unfair burden on those who are excluded.IT’S TIME TO REVISIT THIS GARBAGE CITY POLICYJOE BETTLES, MARIANNA GARCIA, ELISE HANSON, JACK CHRISTENSEN AND AURORA LIVINGSTONJUNE 25, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
The formula would be: “The pump invented—Drain a well ,” or Water raised in a hollow.ASSIMILATIVE MEMORYMARCUS DWIGHT LARROWE (AKA PROF. A. LOISETTE)
The night was pitch-dark, it rained in torrents, there was mud and water everywhere, and the ground was too flat to drain.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDSJOHN FOREMAN
Then crouching low, he crossed the room to where the strainer top of the sewer drain was placed in the concrete floor.HOODED DETECTIVE, VOLUME III NO. 2, JANUARY, 1942VARIOUS
A rumbling sound that did not originate in the thunder caps above jerked Black Hood's attention from the drain.HOODED DETECTIVE, VOLUME III NO. 2, JANUARY, 1942VARIOUS
He did not suspect that the quinine went into the fire, and the cholagogue down the drain-pipe from the washstand.THE CROMPTONSMARY J. HOLMES


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