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That means if you nap on the sofa, you might associate it with rest and doze off when you don’t actually want to do so, says Deirdre Conroy, who leads the behavioral sleep medicine clinic at the University of Michigan.TAKE THE BEST NAPS, WITH SCIENCEJOHN KENNEDYJANUARY 19, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
When you doze off, you’re inherently vulnerable, so your body needs to be able to respond to potential threats.TAKE THE BEST NAPS, WITH SCIENCEJOHN KENNEDYJANUARY 19, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The tracking is detailed, too, covering how long it takes you to doze off, and the time you spent in light, deep, and REM sleep.SKIP THE WEARABLES AND TRACK YOUR SLEEP WITH THESE 5 APPSDAVID NIELDJANUARY 6, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
He says he actually got some dozing done once it was his break time.THE WORLD’S LONGEST COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS, BY THE NUMBERSROB VERGERNOVEMBER 20, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The Eureka Camp cot cradles you just enough to keep you in place while you doze off, which I found limits my tossing and turning through the night.A CAMP COT IS THE KEY TO SLEEPING WELL IN THE WOODSGRAHAM AVERILLNOVEMBER 9, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
The room was kept in a sort of twilight all day long, and made it pleasant for the new-born baby and his mamma to doze and dream.ALILA, OUR LITTLE PHILIPPINE COUSINMARY HAZELTON WADE
And asked me if I would excuse her falling into a doze, for she never felt well without it.ELSTER'S FOLLYMRS. HENRY WOOD
One and then another fell into a doze; Sivert Jespersen also closed his eyes, but not in sleep.SKIPPER WORSEALEXANDER LANGE KIELLAND
This would suit Kennedy capitally, and musing on the meeting of the morrow, he sank into a doze in the armchair.JULIAN HOMEDEAN FREDERIC W. FARRAR
When I could not otherwise occupy my mind, I endeavoured to force myself into a doze, that I might have a chance of a dream.TRAVELS THROUGH THE SOUTH OF FRANCE AND THE INTERIOR OF PROVINCES OF PROVENCE AND LANGUEDOC IN THE YEARS 1807 AND 1808LT-COL. PINKNEY


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