don quixotes

[ don kee-hoh-tee, don -kwik-suht; Spanish dawn kee-haw-te ]
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Like Don Quixotes head-piece, the frame is made of pasteboard.

A concept, this, born of the brains of logical Don Quixotes.

You will meet with numerous Don Quixotes, soi-disant knights-errant, Romeos without the heart, and ruffians without the courage.

Several Don Quixotes are to be found in his works, but not many, and they are of two sorts.

What befell them at the Inn, is the heading of Don Quixotes best chapters, for the knight always mistook inns for castles.

Wonder and excitement enough here to keep twenty Don Quixotes going!

Travelling was dangerous, and accommodation no better than at Don Quixotes enchanted castle.

Don Quixotes may play the troubadour among ruined castles, and mincing misses cover the ground of the guide-books.

As in that of the two Don Quixotes, whichever overthrew his adversary caused his own party to triumph.

The number of windmills is quite astonishing; it would require an army of Don Quixotes.