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Instead, the doctor informed her that he had also removed one of her fallopian tubes and that she could expect to have difficulty conceiving if she wanted to have more children.A WOMAN IN ICE DETENTION SAYS HER FALLOPIAN TUBE WAS REMOVED WITHOUT HER CONSENTNICOLE NAREASEPTEMBER 17, 2020VOX
Sridhar wasn’t at all surprised that Israel just imposed a new lockdown, or that Madrid — where doctors are calling the situation “March in slow motion” — is also resorting to lockdown measures.THE NEW COVID-19 CASE SURGE IN EUROPE, EXPLAINEDJULIA BELLUZSEPTEMBER 17, 2020VOX
A very popular example is that it’s virtually impossible to rank a website providing medical advice without an actual doctor writing the articles.GOOGLE RANKING FACTORS TO CHANGE SEARCH IN 2021: CORE WEB VITALS, E-A-T, OR AMP?ALEH BARYSEVICHSEPTEMBER 16, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
In other words, the original suggestion that people not wear masks derived at least to some extent from the inability of the government to provide sufficient protective equipment to doctors and nurses.PARSING TRUMP’S BAFFLING, HEAD-SLAPPING COMMENTS ON MASK-WEARINGPHILIP BUMPSEPTEMBER 16, 2020WASHINGTON POST
She says that her dream of becoming a doctor and helping people wasn’t possible at the time, but now she feels like a doctor and is so proud to be part of helping people.HOW THE BEST WORKPLACES IN MANUFACTURING HAVE RISEN TO THE COVID-19 CHALLENGELBELANGER225SEPTEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
So, as a doctor, I’m sure, unless your patients are totally atypical, that you have a lot of experience with noncompliance.WHY CAN’T SCHOOLS GET WHAT THE N.F.L. HAS? (EP. 431)STEPHEN J. DUBNERSEPTEMBER 10, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Vaccines like Oxford’s are being developed rapidly because of the coordinated efforts of large international teams of scientists and doctors.OXFORD SCIENTISTS: THESE ARE FINAL STEPS WE’RE TAKING TO GET OUR CORONAVIRUS VACCINE APPROVEDREBECCA ASHFIELDSEPTEMBER 9, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
Tara Zandvliet was once the vaccine-exemption doctor of choice in San Diego.MORNING REPORT: HOTEL WORKERS WANT THEIR JOBS BACKVOICE OF SAN DIEGOSEPTEMBER 8, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Many doctors believe patients with those conditions are actually at greater risk than others when they don’t receive vaccinations.VACCINE EXEMPTION DOCTOR ON PROBATION, CAN NO LONGER WRITE EXEMPTIONSWILL HUNTSBERRYSEPTEMBER 4, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
How little did he divine that the letter of the doctor was called forth by a communication from the countess-dowager.ELSTER'S FOLLYMRS. HENRY WOOD


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