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Its contemporary, sturdy design won’t distract you from the task at hand, but helps easily recall a date while you’re taking phone calls or mapping out your month.DESK CALENDARS TO ORGANIZE YOUR LIFEPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 10, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
They may have the sun in their eyes or become distracted by a mosquito.A ROBOT REFEREE CAN REALLY KEEP ITS ‘EYE’ ON THE BALLKATHRYN HULICKAUGUST 20, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
Yet many business leaders are distracted from that mission at best—and, at worst, perpetuating bias themselves.CAN MBA PROGRAMS BUILD A NEW GENERATION OF ANTIRACIST LEADERS?SARAH TODDAUGUST 19, 2020QUARTZ
If the ellipse persists in your visual system, your decision between the two should be slower, because the coin’s ellipse would distract you from the actual ellipse.THIS VISION EXPERIMENT RESOLVED A CENTURIES-OLD PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATE - FACTS SO ROMANTICJIM DAVIESAUGUST 14, 2020NAUTILUS
Getting bogged down on any specific ranking factor is not a good idea and can distract you from your business goals.SEO MYTH-BUSTING: WHAT IS NOT A GOOGLE SEARCH RANKING FACTORBARRY SCHWARTZAUGUST 5, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
Putting systems into cars that can recognize and collect data about our emotions under the guise of preventing accidents due to the state of mind of being distracted or the physical state of being sleepy, then, seems a bit like a bait and switch.CARS WILL SOON BE ABLE TO SENSE AND REACT TO YOUR EMOTIONSVANESSA BATES RAMIREZJULY 29, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
I do not let them get distracted by outside things before doing homework.WHAT’S A UNIQUE HOMEWORK ROUTINE THAT WORKS?CANDICE BRADLEYJULY 15, 2020EVERYTHING AFTER Z
Everyone is distracted with what’s going on in the world, you need a really succinct way of getting your story across.‘CAN IT BE DONE QUICKLY?’: PUBLISHERS FIND SPEED ESSENTIAL AS AD BUDGETS POP UPLUCINDA SOUTHERNJUNE 11, 2020DIGIDAY
He was so full of pretty ways and dainty devices for to distract my mind, I never thought of counting.THE MERRIE TALES OF JACQUES TOURNEBROCHEANATOLE FRANCE
Irresponsible as he is, he must be allowed to move about without anything to distract his attention.THE CIRCULAR STUDYANNA KATHARINE GREEN


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