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On this page you'll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to disport, such as: entertain, frolic, play, amusement, merriment, and recreation.

How to use disport in a sentence

  • Then they turned about and went into the wood to disport them, for the sun was growing hot.

  • We have known him to disport for half a day upon the kerb-stone, carrying on with all his might to whomsoever would endure it.

  • Here was young hopeful's long-sought-for opportunity to dive, swim and otherwise disport himself as did the big boys.

    Watch Yourself Go By | Al. G. Field
  • We live in a three dimensional world, and in its length, breadth, and solidity do we disport ourselves.

    Spirit and Music | H. Ernest Hunt
  • We can no longer allow you to disport yourselves in the Fields of History as if they were a mere playground.

    Obiter Dicta | Augustine Birrell

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