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On this page you'll find 21 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to denotative, such as: denotive, denoting, designatory, expressed, implying, and indicative.

How to use denotative in a sentence

  • Meaning here, then, can be neither the connotative nor denotative reference of a term; they are covered by the two prior formulae.

  • Definitions are of three types, denotative, expository, scientific.

    How We Think | John Dewey
  • This method of delimiting a meaning by calling out a certain attitude toward objects may be called denotative or indicative.

    How We Think | John Dewey
  • The workings of my thought thus determine both its denotative and its connotative significance more fully.

    The Meaning of Truth | William James
  • In every language those words which are denotative of sounds are nearly always also imitative of them.

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