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On this page you'll find 307 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to debasing, such as: beneath one, beneath one's dignity, degrading, demeaning, inexpedient, and infra indignitatem.

How to use debasing in a sentence

  • If old people arrive with new ideas, even if the path they take to high office is a little debasing, we will be well served.

  • It was a debasing, lowering occurrence, and he felt sure that it could hardly have taken place in his servants' hall.

    Elster's Folly | Mrs. Henry Wood
  • Did you not see his crooked claws when he set the bowl before you, that you might wallow in the debasing drink?

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • Materialism, it is objected, makes of man a mere machine, which is considered very debasing to the human race.

  • The situation of Miriam during her exclusion from the camp suggest an observation on the debasing nature of sin.

  • It is a disgrace to be always wishing to shine; it is debasing to mount to the heights and then sink into the mire with the mob!

    Bouvard and Pcuchet, part 2 | Gustave Flaubert

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