Antonyms for de face

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


You look me right in de face an' tell me you's sorry fur not mindin' your modder.

I 'ud hol' it up des dis a-way, en I boun' you I'd shoo um off'n de face er de yeth.

Him lak dat but when they got to callin' him, lyin' John McCrorey him git red in de face and want to fight.

I didn't think I need to be afeard, for I didn't steal nor nothin', so I looked him square in de face.

I neber could look dem in de face to know, but Joe neber was seen after de house was burned, and dat's many years in de past.

Ever sence we 'ranged dat Easter programme, she been studyin' up some owdacious way to outdo me to-day in de face of eve'ybody.

One nite as I was gwine 'long I thort dat a ball of fire wus gwine tu hit me in de face.

An' she warn't saddle color no mo'; she was grayer in de face dan an ol' rat.

You g' 'long with your bulls too, an' no mo' uf yo' dodgin', but look me right in de face an' answer my question.

Black as she was, her got red in de face and say: 'Who is you?'