Thesaurus / danged
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


"Danged if I can make out what this hunk of raw beef is put here for," soliloquized the visitor.

A Dream of EmpireWilliam Henry Venable

Yes, every danged member of the tribe has gone to the hotel and left me lost.

Danged if our country down here is worth singing about like that!

They kin steal yer shirt without techin' yer coat, danged if they can't.

Bring Me His EarsClarence E. Mulford

"Danged if ye ain't so plumb full o' buffaler meat ye nigh weigh a ton," growled the hunter.

Bring Me His EarsClarence E. Mulford

I'll be too danged lonesome without Fourteen-foot to figger what's comin' to me.

Bulldog CarneyW. A. Fraser

Every time th' Crows git after him too danged hot he heads fer th' Blackfoot country.

Bring Me His EarsClarence E. Mulford

Danged if I know how an old fellah in his bed-room muddles away money at that rate.

Uncle SilasJ. S. LeFanu

Stand up there on a rock and flop your wings and crow like a danged banty rooster—'n' I was leadin' burros 'fore you was born!

If they danged savages leaves us alone, an' trade's decent, I be for spendin' the balance o' my days alongside o' Skipper Trigget.

Brothers of PerilTheodore Goodridge Roberts