Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Crist cw a to am deofle, "Ne sceal man fandigan his Drihtnes."

He cw eft, "Geweore heofen," and rrihte ws heofen geworht, swa swa he mid his wisdome and mid his willan hit gedihte.

Ongunnon a oftorfian mid heardum stanum one eadigan Stephanum; and h clypode, and cw, "Drihten Hǽlend, onfh minne gast."

Fela ra lca h acwealde; cw t h hine gehlan mihton and noldon.

He cw t he ne cme to y t he wolde a ealdan ǽ towurpan, ac gefyllan.

Mid golde witodlice bi wisdom getcnod, swa swa Salomon cw, "Gewilnigendlic gold-hord li on s witan mue."

Eft cw se apostol Iohannes, "Ga to re sǽ-strande, and fecca me papolstanas."

Drihten geseah ises egenes menigfealdan godnysse, and cw, "Ic cume, and inne cniht gehle."

And eft he cw, "Eadige beo a e heora synna bewepa, foran e hi beo gefrefrode."

To am leohte solice ure geleafa us sceal gebringan, swa swa Crist cw to am blindan menn, "Lca nu, in geleafa e gehlde."