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After he held an indoor rally in Nevada where a mostly unmasked crowd interacted, he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he didn’t feel as though he was putting himself at risk.IN 160 WORDS, TRUMP REVEALS HOW LITTLE HE CARES ABOUT THE PANDEMICPHILIP BUMPSEPTEMBER 17, 2020WASHINGTON POST
It’s amazing how small a barrier it takes to filter out the crowds.HOW (AND WHY) TO EXECUTE THE PERFECT CANOE PORTAGEALEX HUTCHINSONSEPTEMBER 9, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
The latest crackdown occurred on Sunday, when crowds took to the streets to oppose the government’s decision to postpone for an entire year legislative council elections that were supposed to take place on Sunday.HONG KONG’S CITYWIDE COVID-19 TESTING HAS BECOME A BAROMETER OF PUBLIC TRUSTEAMONBARRETTSEPTEMBER 9, 2020FORTUNE
Winter is also nice—just pack some extra layers—and you’ll miss the crowds by visiting in the off-season.27 EPIC TRIPS TO START PLANNING NOWTHE EDITORSSEPTEMBER 8, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
CEOs and VPs always have people asking to take from them, so offering to help them in some way may make you stand out of the crowd.NETWORKING 101: WHY WORKING TOGETHER CREATES MORE OPPORTUNITY THAN WORKING APARTSHANTEL HOLDERSEPTEMBER 4, 2020ESSENCE.COM
So a crowd like the one that showed up in Kenosha can be made up of individuals, even strangers, with little connecting them except a shared interest in gun rights and a sense that they’re the only ones who can protect their community.HOW TRUMP AND COVID-19 HAVE RESHAPED THE MODERN MILITIA MOVEMENTAMELIA THOMSON-DEVEAUXSEPTEMBER 4, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
They shoot paintballs into a crowd and a few among the peaceful protesters respond by setting fires and throwing things at police.CONTINUED VIOLENCE MEANS TRUMP WINSPETER ROSENSTEINSEPTEMBER 3, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Because right-wing reactionaries do not have the same kind of experience in organizing street protests as the left, they instead rely heavily on social media—particularly Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter—to mobilize crowds.HOW AN OVERLOAD OF RIOT PORN IS DRIVING CONFLICT IN THE STREETSBOBBIE JOHNSONSEPTEMBER 3, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
I was scared to be by myself in large crowds, so I started carrying a weapon.THE ACCIDENTAL ATTEMPTED MURDEREUGENE ROBINSONSEPTEMBER 2, 2020OZY
It draws a mixed crowd but no matter who you are, you’ll have a good time.DENVER: WHERE THE QUEER COMMUNITY IS A MILE HIGHLGBTQ-EDITORJULY 14, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS


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