Antonyms for cross-examinations

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He employed an entirely different method in his cross-examinations.

Indeed, the efficacy of cross-examinations in court depends on this fact.

They've heard the essence of the defense already, in my remarks, the cross-examinations, the Lamson interrogation.

In all your cross-examinations never lose control of the witness; confine his answers to the exact questions you ask.

The length and complexity of Fullerton's cross-examinations preclude any minute mention of them here.

His success was almost entirely due to his courtesy and the marvellous skill of his cross-examinations.

Conkling used to study for his cross-examinations, in important cases, with the most painstaking minuteness.

In this case, they sought by cross-examinations to confuse Fouquet, and to entrap him into dangerous admissions.

The stories of begging impostors professing to be shipwrecked seamen were detected at once by his cross-examinations.

In this tame way the cross-examination closed, as cross-examinations have a habit of doing.