[ noun koun-ter-uh-tak; verb koun-ter-uh-tak, koun-ter-uh-tak ]SEE DEFINITION OF counter-attacked
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


On the 17th, the Germans counter-attacked all along the line.

The Russians counter-attacked, and won several of the forts.

At noon the Punjabis counter-attacked with considerable effect, took many prisoners, and cleared a large area of the enemy.

Towards dusk down came the snow again, and under cover thereof the Bosch counter-attacked.

A fog descended, under cover of which the Germans counter-attacked, and pushed the French back.

At dawn the next day we counter-attacked, and the whole line moved forward five hundred yards.

The Turk held firmly to his positions north-east and south of this wedge, and counter-attacked Nebi Samwil with vigour.

Realizing his danger, von Bothmer counter-attacked, but was again borne down, and Korniloff's van reached the Lukwa.

We were scarcely out of sight when the Germans counter-attacked, and the crew we had just left were wiped out.

A retirement was accordingly ordered, and on the morrow Kressenstein counter-attacked.