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Higher rates of mask-wearing are strongly correlated with lower transmission rates, and especially as the country faces extraordinarily high case counts it’s more important than ever to mask up properly.
In the absence of a definitive immune correlate of protection, the trials would compare antibody levels in children with those found in adults and extrapolate that the efficacy should then be similar.
Lendner and Knight are currently analyzing data on coma patients at the University of Alabama to see if aperiodic activity correlates with how a coma evolves.
As a large digital news site, “we look for when we have big surges in traffic” and see if it correlates with more money made through Taboola, the first executive said.
Besides, we have another correlation play staring us in the face, turning this entire fevered operation into a three-way correlated parlay.
There is strong evidence that contagiousness is correlated with symptoms.
So, as researchers collect data from multiple sensors, they cross-correlate it to find the differences between what each sensor is hearing.
Standardized test scores are highly correlated with family income and education.
If experts learn what immune system signals correlate with immunity in ongoing clinical trials, new vaccines might be tested in tens or hundreds of people — as agencies already do for updated influenza vaccines — rather than tens of thousands.
GIS correlates geography to key issues by layering relevant, sometimes seemingly disparate data to achieve clarity on complex situations.


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