[ kuh-rin-thee-uh nz ]SEE DEFINITION OF corinthians
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For all these reasons they despised the Corinthians, and made no secret of their contempt.

With him marched contingents of all the allied States, except the Boeotians and Corinthians.

There were besides three thousand Corinthians, and again from the whole of Euboea at least three thousand.

But now the Corinthians were by no means disposed to part with the garrison of the Argives.

Satisfied with this answer, the Corinthians set off to Thebes in quest of peace.

A few voices say, faintly and with hesitation, "First of Corinthians."

If it wer not so / whi did paule thus rebuke the Corinthians?

An other sentence of Paule is broughte which he writeth to the Corinthians / 1.

This doctrine is founded on an interpretation of Corinthians xv.

The first three names in the list are the Lacedæmonians, Athenians, Corinthians.