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They can be worn under heavier coats for extreme cold, or worn on their own on cooler weather days.
The trend, starting tomorrow, is for cooler and cooler days ahead, along with just a bit less breeze.
If you’re doing calculations, you may even want to aim for a water temperature that will get you slightly above the desired dough temperature initially, Philip says, because the dough will start to lose heat in a cooler environment.
While you may not worry so much about an actual cooler if you live in a cold climate, you’ll still want to ensure that drinks are easy to come by for everyone.
As shown in the chart below, strong El Niño years tend to be associated with warm records, while the cycle's opposing conditions, called La Niña, are typically associated with cooler conditions.
From there, it’s a short leap to ripping or chewing into packs or coolers and becoming aggressive around people.
The vaccines are highly effective, yet millions of doses remain sitting in coolers in hospitals around the country.
This keeps a lid on the cooler air, and keeps it from mixing.
Some cooler air may arrive Friday or at the beginning of the weekend, when we can’t rule out a shower.
Some cooler air may arrive on Friday or at the beginning of the weekend when we can’t rule out a shower.


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